Your Guide to Living in The Bronx

As the Big Apple welcomes new residents from all over the world, each of its five boroughs changes and expands with every passing year. Living in the Bronx is a chance to truly immerse yourself in the unwavering pride of NYC, remaining close to Manhattan while keeping that tight-knit neighborhood energy the city is known for.

The history of The Bronx is just as rich as its vast diversity. Earning the nickname due to its proximity to The Bronx River, the title was later shortened, becoming known in the long run as just The Bronx. As the only borough with “the” in the title, this fun fact about the Bronx speaks to its early development.

The Bronx is famously known for being the birthplace of hip-hop music, the home of the Yankees and for being packed with some of the best zoos and gardens in the city. Every year, The Bronx brings tourists and new residents from all across the country and places around the globe. Its diversity both in population and in landscape make this a constantly changing and lively place to live for city lovers everywhere.

The Bronx Population

It is somewhat hard to comprehend that over 1.47 million people live in the 42-and-a-half square miles that make up The Bronx. According to a 2017 census count, The Bronx population grew more than any other borough that year, a stunning 6.2%. Though the city as a whole still grows, research shows that the pace of growth is beginning to steady out.

Another interesting fact about The Bronx is that it is considered one of the most diverse areas in the country. Over a third of those that live in The Bronx were born outside the US and the vast majority of residents identify as non-white. Each Bronx neighborhood, restaurants and history boast a different story representative of the whole nation.

NYC Living with a Lower Price Tag

NYC Living with a Lower Price Tag

Though the cost of living in The Bronx is far above the median US numbers, it remains close to or a bit below NYC as a whole. For several neighborhoods, living in The Bronx is considered the most affordable option for having a NYC lifestyle without the sticker shock of Manhattan or Brooklyn. Average rent of a two bedroom is around $1600 a month, much lower than the average $1950 across the NY/NJ metro area.

Comparatively, median household income is $37K, with wealthier Bronx neighborhoods like Riverdale and Schuylerville tipping the numbers due to its affluent population and large homes.

Choosing Your Bronx Neighborhood

Choosing Your Bronx Neighborhood

Finding the neighborhood that matches your style is always one of the first steps of moving to New York City. In this varied borough, it comes down to balancing the safest Bronx neighborhoods with your desired cost of living.

Broken up into different regions—South Bronx, West Bronx, etc.—The Bronx includes nearly 50 different neighborhoods, some of which with their own pockets of named regions within them.

Some of the most popular Bronx neighborhoods include:

  • Riverdale: With a mixture of large, eye-catching mansions and affordable apartment complexes, Riverdale in a suburban-esque, highly sought-after spot for city residents. Tree-lined streets and rolling hills speak of a historic luxury the area still holds onto today.
  • Fordham: Encompassing the popular Fordham University campus, this area is accessible by public transportation and features an active downtown shopping scene.
  • Concourse: Though this area has seen a high crime rate in the past, new construction is bringing waves of younger residents into affordable rentals and co-op purchases. With just 30 minutes to Manhattan and access to the nearby Yankee Stadium, this is ideal for those looking to live just outside the heart of the city.
  • Mott Haven: If you’re seeking affordable rent, riverside views and a neighborhood with an up-and-coming vibe, Mott Haven is a new popular choice. A mix of historic architecture and new developments, this a great choice for commuters looking for a waterfront spot.

Weather in the Bronx

Similar to its neighboring Northeast coastal cities, The Bronx sees its share of hot, humid summers and snowy winters. The beauty of the transitional seasons are famously beautiful throughout NYC and with its density of greenery in certain neighborhoods compared to Manhattan, there are plenty of outdoor opportunities for enjoying year-round Bronx weather in the park or by the river.

A Borough of Culture

A Borough of Culture

More and more, people of all ages flock to The Bronx for all it has to offer. Take in a game at Yankee Stadium, right at the hub of the South Bronx and easily accessible by train, bus or a short drive from Jersey. If you’re passionate about the iconic historical spots of The Bronx, take a tour to discover the birthplace of hip-hop and all the sites related to its growth.

Looking for an afternoon in The Bronx with the kids? Head over to the famous Bronx Zoo to catch a penguin feeding, a meet-and-greet with a cheetah or for a full-tour as you zip around the park on a cart with an expert guide.

Couples also enjoy a romantic afternoon in the New York Botanical Gardens, famous for their art exhibits, educational events and over 250 acres of gardens to explore.

Working in The Bronx

Known for its affordability and access to several major subway and Metro-North lines, employment in The Bronx is on the rise. Residents work a steady mix of service, administrative and sales jobs in the Bronx, many of which commute into Manhattan for daily work. Nearby colleges and private schools offer additional educational opportunities as well. Healthcare and social assistance are one of the largest employment categories, which includes registered nurses, home care aids and all those related to helping at the city’s hospitals and social care organizations.

Bronx Education K through College

Packed with a variety of public and private schools, each region of The Bronx features a list of quality options for all ages of children, including the well-known Ethical Culture Fieldston School in the Riverdale area and an ample number of famous charter schools throughout the borough.

Unfortunately, some of the public schools in the area received ratings of the most dangerous throughout NYC, such as in The South Bronx School District. So, it’s crucial to consider your options when moving to The Bronx with kids.

Many Bronx neighborhoods include that college-town energy with close proximity to Fordham University, CUNY Lehman and Monroe College.

With the popularity of The Bronx on the rise, families and young professionals are moving from across the country to experience NYC from this great location. With nearly a decade of transitioning Bronx residents to and within the city, we at NYC Great Moving can move you to The Bronx with dedication and professionalism. We thrive in removing the pressure related to a big-city move, handling local and long-distance moves alike, settling you into your new Bronx home as soon as the day you move in.