Is NYC Great Movers licensed and insured?
Yes, we are a licensed and insured moving company registered with the U.S depart of transportation.

Do you offer storage?
Yes, we do. Click here to read more.

Do you provide a packing service?
Yes, we do. You can request an estimate for packing and moving here.

Are you able to provide a Certificate of Insurance ( COI ) to my building?
Yes, we are able to provide COI.

Whats steps do you take to make sure your movers are corona free?
We monitor mover’s temperature every morning before they leave for work. Sanitize our trucks every 4 to 7 days. Movers wear masks and maintain a safe distance.

What’s included in my move?
We provide basic disassembly/assembly of furniture items, wrap all of your furniture items into blankets, dismount tv ( but will not mount it at the destination due to safety reasons. We do not patch the wall ), uninstall A.C unit ( but will not install at destination due to safety reasons ), 1 Mattress cover (plastic) , three wardrobe boxes on rental basis, tapes, tools, dollies.

How do I confirm my reservation?
You will have to e-Sign the estimate and go ahead with a $ 100 deposit for the move to confirm your move booking.

What happens after I sign the estimate?
A confirmation of move booking is sent via email with the next steps and link to put down a $ 100 deposit for your move which will lock in your move slot.

Is my deposit refundable?
Yes, if you give us 3-day notice before canceling or rescheduling the move.

Do you subcontract? Are you a broker?
We do not subcontract and we are not brokers. All the movers assisting with your move are our employees.

Estimate you emailed is the fixed/final/flat rate price?
We do not offer a fixed/final/flat rate price. We do hourly rate estimates only.

How long is the estimate valid for?
We have a first come first serve basis. The estimate is valid for as long as we have moving slots available for the day.

Not moving a couple of items will lower my estimate?
We do not charge per item so not moving a thing or two will not make us reduce time on the estimate.

How will adding an item or two impact my estimate?
We do not charge per item so adding an item or two will not make us bump up the rate or add another hour or the estimate.

Can I ride with movers in the truck?
You can not.

What type of payment do you accept?
Cash or Card. No checks or Venmo, Paypal, etc.

Can I tip on the card?
Yes, you can.

Who do I pay cash to? Do you give a receipt for cash payments?
Foreman / Lead movers. Yes, you will be given an itemized receipt of cash payment.

Why is material charge an estimate?
The material charge listed on the estimate is not set in stone. The charge can apply for packing your delicate items like Tv, Mirror, Lamp, Artwork, and glass tabletop, glass shelf, framed pictures, etc. So if you don’t have an appropriate box for these, we can then use ours this is why the charge is added. The material charge depends upon the boxes we use and the boxes we customize so I can not tell you if the material charge is going to be 100% as it’s listed on the estimate but it should be around this much. The material charges can go up or down depending upon usage.

Which items should I leave for movers to pack?
Odd shaped items like lamps / Lampshades, glass tabletop, marble top, etc.

I don’t have a box for my picture frame, artwork, mirrors, how should I pack them?
We can customize boxes to wrap said items. The material charge for boxes we use will be added to your final bill.

Will you disassembly my large wardrobe/armoire?
We provide basic disassembly/assembly of furniture which usually covers bed frames, dining tables, etc. We do not provide wardrobes disassembly/assembly service.

Do you disassemble/assemble the murphy bed?
No, we do not. You will have to hire a handyman to do so.

Do you take apart my couch?
We can only take off the legs of a couch or disassemble L shaped couch. We do not disassemble 2 seater or 3 seater couches.

Do you move to the aquarium?
Yes, it has to be empty.

Not using complementary services will bring my estimate down?

Will you take off curtain rods?

What is a wardrobe box?
These are tall boxes with the rod inside so you can transfer your hanging clothes in them. Dimensions: 24 x 24 x 40 inches.