Best Movers in NYC 2021
Written by Great Moving ©2021

Whether you’re a family person or a young adult living on your lonesome, changing your residence can be one of the most stressful things you can come across. Once you get settled in a particular city, you get accustomed to an individual lifestyle and means of travel.

You know the nearest grocery stores, and the best places to eat in a town like the back of your hand.You modify every nook and cranny of your house and pick the kind of furniture that would match your home décor.

All that precious furniture with several fond memories etched to them.It just feels like a part of your home. It doesn’t matter if your favorite rocking chair has scratches on it, or you have salsa stains on most of your drapes. They are so dear to you that you want to salvage as much of it as you can.

Accordingly, one of the significant concerns when shifting houses is the security of your furniture. You are looking to call some moving company, but you can’t decide because you’re worried about their credibility. Well, fret no more as movers NYC is the best moving company available in the entire city.

Here is a list of services to help you call the best movers in New York City along with how well they take care of it.

Residential and Commercial Movers

Movers NYC not only offers services to homeowners but also have a designated team of movers fit for moving office equipment. They categorized their movers according to certain kinds of skills required for either of the sectors.

Residential Movers

Residential movers are experienced in carrying all types of bulky furniture you might own. Starting from sturdy study tables to massive cupboards, they are capable of carrying and delivering all the heavy furniture without a scratch on them. Fragile equipment and appliances are handled with the utmost care, and also packed separately.

Now you don’t have to squint in uncertainty when a mover struggles to carry your 50-inch plasma TV.

If you also want to bring your kitchen cabinets or bookshelves to your new place, certain workers are expert at disassembling household equipment. They will reassemble them after moving as well. All designated movers are swift at packing and also do so with care.

Commercial Movers

Commercial Movers

Commercial movers include expert technicians along with regular movers. These technicians are specialized in carefully handling computers and other electronics in the workplace. They will attentively unwire them and move them with proper precautions.

Office tables and even enormous conference tables they will carry with advanced safety measures.Moving such heavy office furniture without causing any dents or permanent damage to them is not such an easy task.

However, the movers NYC do it effortlessly and with required provisions. Not only do they move all that equipment in time, but they will also place each of them in the right position instructed by you.

Packing Services

Packing Services

Most moving companies in New York only provide services for relocation. But movers NYC has an exclusive service which allows you to hire workers to diligently pack almost any sort of goods, and organize them in an orderly fashion.

You don’t need to go through the stress of wrapping the most fragile items in bubble wrap or picking the right size of boxes for each object. Movers NYC will do it for you in half the time you would.

Whether it’s kitchen appliances, furniture that need repairs, or manufactured products you need to deliver, movers NYC can take care of it in an instant. Just instruct them according to your preferences, and your goods will be packed and ready for shipping with time to spare.

Similarly, watchful experts handle fragile objects and pack with extreme safeguard measures. They are also labeled and placed separately for your convenience.

Storage Services

While moving from an old house to a new one, there are some furniture or random sundries which are considered useless,and you are stuck in a position where you can neither throw it away nor let it ruin your interior décor.

Some of those unnecessary items might hold a special form of sentiment in your hearts, which makes it harder to let go as well. In that sense, movers NYC brings you such a service which lets you borrow their immensely secure storage units for reasonable pay.

You can easily store your unused items or furniture that your new apartment is not spacious enough to hold. Things that you might donate later on, or you need to free space for house repairs; they can retain your goods for you.

Store it as long as you want and pay for the allotted time. It’s cheap and offers heightened security. They maintain a strict storage facility with electronic locks and vigilant security guards. Just lend them your burden and stay free of all worries.


Moving your furniture or any prime possession can haunt you with a lot of distress. It’s always hard to trust strangers with your belongings, and even harder to rely on their punctuality.

In this regard, Great Moving are not only consistently prompt, but they also have a customer-friendly service. They respect how valuable your assets are to you, and treat them with the same form of care, if not more.

They also have specific discount policies for recommending their movers to your friends and family, and also for returning customers. So, make sure to check their website for more details, and take advantage of it when available.They are easy on your wallet, consistently punctual, and show supreme efficiency in their work.

Moreover, their truck drivers are watchful and hold mastery on the geography of New York City. They prevent themselves from being reckless while carrying your goods because, for them, professionalism is key. They drive with extra precaution when taking fragile items to make sure they stay intact. Unlike other moving companies, the chief authorities reward punctuality and perfection. They urge workers to prioritize the safety of their clients’ assets. This is what makes Great Moving the most dependable and prompt group of movers in New York.