Moving in High Rise Buildings in NYC

Moving in New York City is not a very easy task especially when you are moving from and to a high rise building. Such buildings only allow moving between 9 am to 5 pm. The reason they don’t let moving company use the elevator before 9 am is because the people are going out before 9 am and they want elevators to be free for the tenants and one of the main reasons is the building managements don’t want to disturb the tenants with the moving sounds. Similarly after 5 pm people come back to their homes and elevator is only for tenants to use, not the moving companies. So scheduling a move with a high rise building has to be very coordinated. You have to reserve elevators in advance at the buildings if you are moving from and to a high rise building. The elevator is usually available for movers for a specific window, which is usually a 2 hour window. So if you are looking to move in and move out from a high rise building the best thing to do is reserve elevators in advance as soon as you get approval of your apartment.

Elevator times at both buildings should be reserved with a 1 or 2 hour gap in between. For example if the pickup location grants you elevator access from 9 am to 11 am then the drop off location should start by noon or 1 pm for next two hours. Once you have reserved the times, you can get permission from building management /door man to have the movers come in before 9 am so they can start preparing for the move by taking apart furniture, wrapping, padding etc. This is how you can make sure you can move in and move out smoothly from your high rise building.

High rise buildings sometimes ask moving companies to bring Masonite to lay it out on the floors to protect flooring. A lot of high rise buildings have the doorman do it for movers in NYC, but sometimes they ask movers to do it. So this is another thing you will have to check so there isn’t any issue on moving day.

Apart from explained above the buildings will also require a Certificate of Insurance from the moving company which has to be created and provided to management in advance. This certificate of insurance is created by insurance company based on the requirements provided by building managements. Some of the high rise building managements will not reserve your elevators without the Certificate of Insurance.

These are a few things you have to be very careful about when you are moving from and to a high rise building in New York City. Moving in New York City is not so difficult if it is carefully planned and worked upon Great Movers NYC: Specialize in NYC moves and we are able to provide you with a smooth move. We provide all the information in advance so you can set up your elevator timings, Certificate of Insurance in advance. For more information you can visit our website at: or call us at 718-600-3482