Interview with Bamberger Group

Last week, Great Movers Manager Saad Sid spoke with Murray Hill’s real estate brokerage, The Bamberger Group to discuss the ins and outs of moving in NYC. Below are several excerpts from their conversation. You can read the full article here on their real estate blog, Bamberger Answers.

[The Bamberger Group] “Most co-ops and condos have move-in and move-out fees, as well as security deposits to protect against damages that might occur during a move. How common is it to have property that was actually damaged as a result of a move? Is this something you’ve had to deal with before?”

[Saad Sid] “Yes, of course it does. But this is a once in a long time occurrence, it’s not something that we bump into very regularly. If you’re talking about damages to the building, once in a while there can be a scratch on a wall– but nothing major. And that too is a once in a 6 month occurrence. It’s very unusual.”

[TBG] “Is there a seasonality to the moving business? Do certain months of the year have surge pricing? Are there days of the week customers should know to avoid or prefer? And on average, how long ahead does someone need to call you to ensure a booking?”

[SS] “Booking far ahead is a must. From March onwards, it’s movers’ heaven until September. If you try to book for yourself for the end of the month, you won’t find any moving company giving you any days, because they’re all booked. So booking ahead of time is the first thing somebody who needs to move should consider. If they have the keys and the lease is signed and their apartment is ready, if everything is said and done then they have to look for a moving company ahead of time so they can book somebody and not have to worry about finding movers at the last minute.

The best days to book a move is not the weekend; Fridays and Saturdays are very busy for movers. Thursday and Monday are slower days, as well as Sundays and in the middle of the week– which is when movers usually offer lower prices to customers. So if people are looking to move on a time other than the weekend, they can probably get a better price.”