How to Move in New York City With a NYC Movers?

New York is one of the best cities in the world, with better entertainment, better food, and better lifestyle. However, you need to be prepare for whats coming your way.

In this regard, I have fetched and compiled some points based on the most important aspects that you have to know before moving to New York for good.  

Talk to New Yorkers

If it’s possible, have some chitchats with the people living in NYC. Ask them about the best and worst aspects of living in this city. If you don’t know anyone from NYC, you can visit some online communities and make your queries to them.

Plan Your Moving Date

It is better to move on a weekend as you will not have to worry about going to work or any other place. Here is the catch, weekends do not always fall on the first week of the month when most leases begin. Give some thoughts on it and try to fix a date that seems convenient for both you and your landlord.

Make an Inventory

While you are taking preparation for moving elsewhere, you get to know which are necessary and which are not. Giveaway those household items that you do not need any more before leaving the place. Besides, keep in mind the area of your new apartment and its outer hallways and staircases.

Be assured whether the furniture you are taking to your new place can easily be moved through the hallways and can be accommodated in your apartment or not.

Hire NYC Movers

Hire the Movers

This is the most important part of moving. You may do it all by yourself, but don’t! Moving is a very stressful work. Also, if you do the moving part by yourself, that would be more hassling for you. Moreover, there is every possibility for you to make mistakes that may cost you a lot.

Likewise, moving is a very tough job. Hence, do not take the risk of straining your back by carrying heavy furniture, accessories, and boxes. There are a lot of reliable and affordable movers in New York City. Hiring NYC Great Movers can save you from losing your sanity and risk of breaking your stuff.

Here is a list of points that you have to provide your mover in details:

  • Total number of big items
  • Things that movers have to pack
  • Number of rooms in your new apartment
  • Number of floors in your building and the new one
  • Availability of freight elevator

Going to Your New Home

You can get in the mover’s van to reach your new place, but that is not a very good option. In that case, you can take public transport, but there you would not be able to carry a lot of things with you. So, what if you have some valuable things or papers which should be carried with you?

In this situation, having your own car can really minimize your extra burden. Additionally, having a car in New York City is less of a luxury and more of a necessity. If you do not have your car, borrow one from your friend or consider renting for a day.

The Moving Day

The most important day is certainly the day you are going to shift. The NYC movers will come to your place, pick things up, and after reaching your new home, they will literally dump those items there. So, if you want your stuff to be a bit organized during the process, direct them where to put.

If you want them to reassemble your furniture, direct them accordingly. Make sure your NYC movers places the heavy items at the right spot before leaving; otherwise, it would be impossible for you to do that by yourself.

Moving Tips

Packing Tips

Pack your off-season clothing first. Try to pack your clothes in suitcases other than doing it in a giant cardboard box. This is because it is easier to unpack a suitcase than a cardboard box.

In case you do not have enough suitcases, you can go for packing your off-season clothing in cardboard boxes. Put all your footwear in a storage bin or a duffle bag. If you think you will not be able to take care of the fragile stuff, leave those for the movers.

Make sure you are labeling all of your boxes right after you are done the packing. At least mark those packages which you need immediate access after reaching your new place. Hence, it is a better option carrying a backpack or a briefcase where you have all your valuable papers, jewelry, passport, and other useful stuff.

This way, you can carry those things without losing or damaging them. Besides, packing gets very much easy once you know the hack.

Apart from that, make sure these generic supplies stay ready before you start your packing:

  • Box cutters
  • Mattress bags
  • Trash bags
  • Packing tape
  • Boxes of different size
  • Supplies for cleaning
  • Cash for tipping your movers


Moving to NYC can undoubtedly be one of the best experiences one can have. Overall, it is a bit struggling as there is a lot to keep in your mind while going through the process. But if you do it systematically, you can surely lessen your physical and mental stresses.

So, to summarize the whole thing, take a tour to your new destination, get yourself an apartment, fix a moving date, hire movers, do the packing, supervise your movers while moving, organize your furniture and last but not the least, tip your movers.

However, other than providing each of them with an individual tip, it is better to aggregate them and tip it to the head of the team.Keep it in your mind that you do moving roughly once in a year, but the movers do it regularly. Hence, be fair while tipping them.