Should You Move During the Weekday or Weekend?

Once you’ve found your next apartment, you’ll have to pack and move all of your things by the time your old lease ends. Depending on whether the current apartment is occupied or not can affect your move date. In most cases, the apartment will already be empty before you move in so you’ll be able to choose a specific day that works for you.

While most people tend to move on the weekend due to their work schedule, it’s not always the best option. Sometimes scheduling a move Monday through Thursday can be the better option even if that means taking a day off work. With that said, it’s up to you to weigh the pros and cons of moving on the weekend or weekday and take into consideration any other extenuating circumstances. Sometimes you will have to move out on a particular day because your lease is up and you don’t want to pay for another month’s rent on your old apartment. In those cases, it’s best to move out whenever feasible to avoid additional charges.

If you do have some time to spare, consider your options carefully. Besides that, make sure to also take the day after a move off (if you move during a weekday) to give yourself some time to rest and unpack.

Weekend Moving

Most people try to plan their move around the weekend due to the standard Monday-Friday schedule that most workplaces require. This makes it seem like the most logical choice since you’ll have the day off and, if you have kids, they will be home from school. Not to mention that if you move on a Saturday you will miss rush hour traffic. Plus, if you move on Saturday, you have all of Sunday to unpack.

Unfortunately, many professional residential movers charge extra money for Saturday and Sunday moves since their schedules tend to be packed during those days (although NYC Great Movers charges a flat hourly rate regardless of your moving day). As well, even if you don’t have to contend with rush hour traffic, there’s usually other issues that pop up during the weekend whether that’s road closures due to construction or a scheduled event like a marathon or parade. Weekends also mean there will be more people around in your apartment and on the streets making it more difficult to easily maneuver your furniture through the stairwell/elevators and from the curb.

The biggest drawback is making sure all of the utilities are properly connected before you move. In most cases, the apartment should provide you with access to heat and hot water. For the most part, apartments will already have electricity (though that’s not always the case), but most will not have gas or cable/internet set up. Unfortunately, most companies do not send out their technicians on the weekend, so you will have to wait until a weekday to set up an appointment to get everything set up. In this case, it pays to plan ahead. Once you’ve signed the lease and received the keys to the apartment, call your local utility companies and start getting everything set up under your name at your new place.

Weekday Moving

If you decide to opt for a weekday move you’ll have to take some time off from your job, which can be a problem if you’re a part-time or shift worker as you likely don’t get any paid time off. Still, there are benefits to moving during the weekday. For one, movers tend to have more flexibility and availability as most people schedule their moves during the weekend. While there is rush hour traffic during the morning and evening, you can easily schedule your move during a quieter time.

Another benefit is that most people will be at work when you move in, so you can avoid large crowds and move in faster. You’ll also run into less issues when moving in as the building management company and/or super will likely be around if you run into any issues. Speaking of issues, some highrises have specific hours when you can access the freight elevator for large items and these usually fall during the 9-5 work hours during the weekday. Many luxury buildings also require a certificate of insurance (COI) from the moving company so if you forgot to request one, it will be much easier to get a copy during the weekday when the moving office is fully staffed.

If you have kids, it’s actually a lot easier to move during the week while they’re at school. You can drop them off before the movers arrive and unpack some essentials before you pick them up to go to your new apartment. This way, you don’t have to deal with any meltdowns/tantrums during the move. Moving is already stressful enough, so why increase your stress by having kids who are bored, tired, unhappy, etc.?

Finally, you’ll have faster access to utilities during the weekday. Sure, your cable/internet installation won’t happen the same day you move. However, if you find yourself without gas or electricity in your new apartment, you’ll have an easier time contacting the company when you call during business hours.


At the end of the day, it’s up to you to decide whether to move on the weekend or weekday. There are plenty of residential moving services in New York City that provide decent rates regardless of the day of the week. When you move is up to you and, of course, depends on the availability of the apartment. If you have some paid time off available, it might make more sense for you to move during a weekday instead of the weekend. That way, you can actually spend the weekend after the move enjoying your new digs. Otherwise, the weekends are still a good option. Just make sure to book your movers early so you don’t have to scramble for last-minute options the week of the actual move.


What if I need to be out of my old apartment before my new one is available?

The best option is to find a short-term rental or reach out to friends/family to see if you can stay at their place for one week or so. You can put your belongings in storage or have the moving company you use store your items for you.

Would it be better to do a DIY move on the weekend?

It depends on your preference and budget. DIY tends to be cheaper, but it requires a lot of manual labor and time. If you’re short on time or don’t have the people necessary to move heavy items, you should hire professional movers.

Where can I find good weekend movers?

Look for companies that offer a flat hourly rate regardless of the day. At NYC Great Movers, we don’t change our hourly rates just because it’s the weekend.