Why You Should Disassemble Your Furniture Before Moving (2021)
Written by Great Moving ©2020

So you’ve finally found your forever home and now it’s all about moving from your old digs to your new one. Boxing all of your items is tedious, but it’s relatively easy and you can easily stack everything in your apartment. But what about all your furniture?

Before you decide to move everything, make sure everything you have, especially solid items like sofas and chairs, will fit through the doorway, elevator or stairwell of your new apartment. If it won’t, then it’s time to donate it. For the rest of your stuff, if you want to ensure your move is as quick and stress-free as possible, you should disassemble whatever you can.

Won’t Moving Companies Disassemble My Furniture

Yes. Most professional movers will disassemble your furniture…for a price. How much it will cost you will depend on the complexity of the item. Generally, local nyc movers pay by the hour and can certainly help you disassemble and reassemble your furniture, but it will take more time and thus more money. The more complex the item, the more time it will take making your move taken hours longer.

Of course, there are good reasons to get professionals to dismantle your furniture. You might not want to damage your furniture when taking it apart or perhaps you don’t have the necessary tools. If you’re not handy, you might not remember how to put the item back together as the manual is probably long gone. Moving professionals will have all the necessary items and the expertise to get everything broken down and set up again.

Of course, if you don’t want to spend the extra money and time, you can always disassemble the items yourself.

What Needs to be Disassembled

Many items in your home probably have moveable or breakable items, which can be a huge hazard when moving. Plenty of items can be taken apart so long as you have a screwdriver and maybe a wrench/pliers. While everyone’s furniture inventory will be different, most people tend to have the following items that can be broken down:

  • Beds – bed frames tend to be pretty large and generally contain many complicated pieces. Depending on the type of frame you have, taking it apart might take a few hours. If you have something like a captain’s bed, you don’t need to take apart the entire frame, but you should remove the drawers. For metal frames, it should be easier to dismantle the entire frame down to easier to move sections.
  • Desks –  Desks generally are small enough to fit through doorways, but you don’t want the drawers and sliding keyboard tray popping out when moving. While you can just use tape to keep the drawers and tray from moving, it’s easier to just remove them altogether.
  • Wardrobes/dressers – even if you have a smaller dresser, it’s a good idea to remove any drawers, shelves or other unattached element. For wardrobes with mirrors, make sure you dismantle the mirror and pack it in bubble wrap to keep the glass from shattering. Larger wardrobes will require a full disassembly as they tend to be too tall and wide to fit through doorways.
  • Tables – It’s generally pretty easy to take apart a table as you just have to remove the legs from the top. Make sure to tape together the legs so they don’t get misplaced.
  • Build-your-own furniture – Anything that you’ve put together yourself (such as IKEA items) probably won’t travel well. For the most part these items were meant to be simple to assemble and disassemble so it shouldn’t be too much of an issue taking it apart. And if you’ve lost the manual, you can always look for the instructions online. Just make sure to print it out before you move.

To make your life easier, make sure to put all of the screws and other items for each piece of furniture in a plastic bag. Then tape the bag to the furniture. This way when you’re ready to put everything back together, you won’t be missing anything. You’ll want to start dismantling your furniture well in advance of move day. Depending on how many items you have, you might want to start as early as a month before hand to make sure that you spend the proper amount of time with each item. With that said, if you’re just moving a few items, you can generally get it all done in a weekend. Don’t try and do everything yourself. Ask family or friends to help out to prevent any damage to you or your furniture.