What set Brooklyn Movers: Great Movers apart

Every moving company will be ready to move you whenever and where ever you are moving. For some people moving is just moving stuff from point A to point B, but for professional and considerate moving companies, moving is to make sure the customers who are already stressed out because of their moving situation, everything is easy and hassle free. Moving is not at all an easy task because it involves working with sentiments of people. Lots of furniture and other items hold a great deal of sentimental value for people.  Great Movers are one of the few 5 star moving companies in NYC located in Brooklyn helping people move in a budget and offering a stress free and hassle free move. When you request a quote for moving, Great movers get all the necessary details about the move so an accurate estimate is provided for your move, which will help you figure out the amount you will have to have for the move. Once the estimate is requested, turnaround time is 2 to 10 minutes in working hour / weekdays. The estimates can be delayed on weekends however we do send out estimates on weekends. We understand how important is to find out about your moving options, so we do not delay the process of estimates. This is what customers love about us, the fact we are too responsive. As you can see from our yelp reviews, people have praised us for being too responsive.  After the estimate if there are any questions we are available over the phone, email, text and or live chat feature on our website www.nycgreatmovers.com With every estimate there are all the terms, instructions tips and faqs added so you get answers of questions you have on your mind. After you approve the estimate, your move is scheduled in the system and you are informed via email. Again after the approval of the estimate the confirmations are sent right away so you don’t have to wait for hours to find out what time movers will arrive. After the move is scheduled and set up in our calendar, we touch base with you again a few days before the move to make sure if we are all set and if you have made any additions to list of items to be moved. This helps Brooklyn movers to finalize the size of truck to send. Then on the moving day we arrive at the decided time and start with disassembling the furniture items and padding them. Crew at Great Movers is told to take safety precaution for everything that is being moved so there are no damages to the personal belongings of the customer. If you sign up for a 2 men move, the company often sends 1 or 2 movers without any extra charge to make sure the move is finished within the estimated time. Normally moving companies will not care about how much time it takes to finish the move, but Great Movers, the Brooklyn based moving company will always make sure that you will have to pay less on the moving day. If you have any questions or require more details call us at 718-600-3482 or visit www.nycgreatmovers.com to read our 5 star yelp reviews visit: https://www.yelp.com/biz/great-movers-new-york-8