Living in Hoboken NJ - What You Need to Know | Great Moving
Living in Hoboken NJ – What You Need to Know | Great Moving

Thinking about moving to Hoboken, NJ? You’re making a great choice. Hoboken is a small city with easy access to the Big Apple, tons of work and a thriving culture. Read on to learn more about why you should move to Hoboken.

Fun Facts About Hoboken

It’s the Birthplace of Baseball, and MORE

 Kids playing baseball together.

The first true American Baseball game was played in Hoboken in 1846 between the New York Nine and the New York Knickerbockers. The Knickerbockers were the team of Alexander Cartwright, who is credited with inventing the all-American pastime. But sports fans aren’t the only beneficiaries of Hoboken’s history. Here’s 3 other famous American creations that got their start in Hoboken:

  • Oreos, first sold down on Washington Street by the National Biscuit Company.
  • The Zipper, invented by Hoboken native Whitcomb Judson in the 1890s.
  • The American Brewery, the first of which was opened in Hoboken in 1642.

Hoboken’s Famous Residents, Past and Present

There are a lot of celebrities that call Hoboken home- many more than we could list here. Suffice it to say, without Hoboken, we wouldn’t have the musical stylings of Frank Sinatra, and we might’ve missed out on the stunning photography of Dorothea Lange. Today, Hoboken is also the home of football player Eli Manning, and gave TLC celeb Buddy Valastro (a Hoboken native) his start.

It’s the Hipster Capital of America

Not Brooklyn, or Portland, or anywhere in California. That’s right, Hoboken has earned the title of Hipster Capital of America, at least according to How’d this New Jersey city win? First off, it met all the qualifications: Hoboken is home to more than 50,000 people, has a large amount of 24-30 year-old residents, and a good proportion of bachelor’s degree recipients. Then the site used a sophisticated calculation to judge the winner: they multiplied the number of coffee shops by the number of yoga studios (each per 10,000 residents). Highly scientific, right?

Schools in Hoboken

There are a total of 36 schools in Hoboken, between public and private institutions. One of the best private high schools in New Jersey is in Hoboken. The Hudson School caters to children from 5th to 12th grade. The school’s mission is to “develop compassionate, responsible, principled citizens who are socially conscious and committed to lifelong learning and service.” Students have to pass an entrance exam to gain access to this exclusive school, which only enrolls 178 students today.

College-age students in Hoboken benefit from a huge number of colleges and universities nearby. Hoboken itself is home to the Stevens Institute of Technology, a highly respected private research university. Plus, with Manhattan just minutes away, kids in Hoboken have access to some of the nation’s top undergraduate programs.

Hoboken Jobs

Professionals in Hoboken may benefit even more than students in this thriving city. The median household income in Hoboken is a stunning $118,479, more than double the national median of $55,322. Jobs in Hoboken are plentiful and growing; there were 35,382 jobs offered in Hoboken in 2016, a 34% growth from 2015. The top employers in Hoboken are in the Professional Services, Finance and Education industries. And of course, the easy commute into Manhattan means that Hoboken residents have access to thousands of NYC job opportunities as well.

What’s the Weather Like in Hoboken?

Snowy street in the city after a storm.

The average weather in Hoboken varies throughout the year. Hoboken residents get to experience all four seasons, along with average temperatures as high as 93 degrees, and as low as just 14 degrees. In Hoboken, it rains every month, and most months get at least 3 inches of rainfall. Hoboken also gets an average of 26 inches of snow; the city is also often affected by the same Nor’Easters, hurricanes, and other weather events that impact neighboring New York.

Hoboken’s Cost of Living

We won’t sugarcoat it: living in Hoboken is expensive. The cost of living in Hoboken received an “F” rating from, and it’s no wonder why. Everything here is more expensive than the national average, by a large margin. Goods and services are 49% more expensive than the national average; groceries are 38% more, healthcare is 15% more, and transportation is 30% more.

Perhaps the most expensive living costs in Hoboken, however, are the housing costs. The median home value in Hoboken is $621,300. That’s almost 200% higher than the national median! Utilities are also about 18% more than the national average. It’s likely that these costs are so high because Hoboken is a safe city with tons of jobs and easy access to Manhattan. The high median household income does help, but it’s important to consider the expense of moving to Hoboken before you make a final decision to come here.

How Many People Live in Hoboken?

There are more than 53,000 people living in Hoboken today. The median age in Hoboken is just 30.3 years old, and there are a ton of residents between the ages of 24-30 (32.2% of the Hoboken population to be precise). In fact, the overwhelming majority of Hoboken residents are between 18 and 54; kids under 18 make up just 13.8% of the population, and folks over 60 year of age make up just 6.5% of the Hoboken population.

Most of the Hoboken population is white, but 15% of the population is Hispanic, and 8.7% is of Asian descent. The black population in Hoboken is very small, making up just 1.7% of the total number of residents. After English, the most common language spoken in Hoboken is Spanish; 8.2% of the people living in Hoboken speak Spanish.

Despite the young age of the city, and the fact that only 39% of Hoboken residents are married, 44% of the Hoboken population are families with kids under 18, which is almost the same as the national average. People in Hoboken are also highly educated; 94% of people here who are older than 25 have finished high school, and 78% have also gone on to receive a bachelor’s degree or professional degree.

Best Places to Live in Hoboken

The city of Hoboken is just 2 square miles large. That means that you aren’t going to find a bunch of neighborhoods in Hoboken to choose from. Choosing where to live in Hoboken is more about choosing the street you want to be on more than anything else. Luckily, the whole town is well known for great housing options, and a lack of violent crime, making Hoboken one of the safest urban areas you’ll encounter in the U.S.

When you’re choosing the best place to live in Hoboken for you, take into consideration a few things. Parking in Hoboken, while cheap for residents, is notoriously hard to find, so you may want to consider apartments or condos in Hoboken that have private parking available. If you’re planning to work in Manhattan, you might want to find housing in Hoboken that’s near a train or subway stop– or the ferry if you want to enjoy a view of the Hudson every day!

Things to do in Hoboken

Friends having fun at a bar.

If you’re looking for fun things to do in Hoboken, this city won’t disappoint. On a gorgeous day, be sure to check out the Waterfront Walkway, for a beautiful view of the Hudson River and NYC. You can also enjoy Pier A Park, which is literally on the water, and offers tons of space for picnics and walking, and fishing right along the river!

The nightlife in Hoboken is movin’ and groovin’. After all as the birthplace of American breweries, is it any surprise that Hoboken is home to some amazing bars, taverns and clubs? And of course, you can also always grab the train or subway and ride your way into Manhattan to enjoy everything from a Broadway Musical, to thousands of amazing restaurants, and some of the best shopping in America.

Moving to Hoboken

See why we love Hoboken? It’s the closest you’ll get to NYC in NJ, and has all the benefits of the 5 boroughs, along with waterfront views, a rich history and great people. So if you choose to move here, congrats and welcome home! We know you’re going to love it.

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