The 12 Best Places to Live in Staten Island

Anyone living in Staten Island will tell you it’s well-known for three things: the friendly culture, the local ferry, and the delicious pizza. Local residents wear their pride for this city like a badge of honor. For those who are planning on moving to Staten Island, there are a handful of great communities to choose from.

Staten Island is one of the fastest growing boroughs in Manhattan and for good reason. You can spend the same amount of money as you would buying an apartment and instead invest in an actual house on Staten Island without actually having to leave Manhattan proper (yes, Staten Island is part of New York City).

While it might seem like a sleepy town, Staten Island boasts plenty of amenities on its own. If the idea of having your own home and yard appeals to you, then you should definitely consider moving to Staten Island. Instead of scouring the web trying to find the best area to look for a house, check out this list of the best Staten Island neighborhoods. From oceanside views to inland communities, everyone can find a fitting home for their lifestyle in this fun and engaging city.

1. West Brighton

West Brighton has been ranked by numerous resources as one of the safest neighborhoods in Staten Island. Although most of the houses in this area were built before 1950, these heritage homes aren’t the only ones available. New developments are springing up in this community, giving homes more value and leading to local upgrades.

It is also home to the Staten Island Zoo, making it one of the best areas to live in Staten Island if you have kids.

2. Huguenot

Also known as “Woodrow”, this Staten Island neighborhood is near the south shore. You’ll find a range of housing options in Huguenot from small townhomes to high-end real estate. Some of these houses also offer a fair bit of land for ranchers and others who want a bigger property.

Staten Island

As another one of the safest neighborhoods in Staten Island, you can enjoy the low crime rate and good school system.

3. New Springville

New Springville is located right in the middle of the island. With close proximity to the local mall, the Latourette City Park, and CUNY College, it is one of the best places to live in Staten Island for students and young families. The area has easy access to hiking trails and a nature center, as well as some of the best shopping options in the entire borough.

If you like to stay at home, you’ll rarely ever have to leave this community to get anything you need.

4. Todt Hill

In a city full of flat land and few natural peaks, Todt Hill is the highest point along the entire eastern seaboard. Although it’s only 410-feet above sea level, the view from the top will make it feel like you can see forever. If you’re wondering where to live in Staten Island, you should consider a home in Todt Hill.

With a range of extravagant gated homes, large swimming pools, and tall trees, it is easily one of the best Staten Island neighborhoods.

5. New Dorp

New Dorp has an antique flair with its range of colonial homes scattered around the area. This community has its own park, as well as a self-named beach which was once a popular resort. You’ll also find a large recreational area known as Miller Field, where a former Army Air Corps base has been converted into sporting facilities.

These amenities bring a charming feel to the area, giving it a relaxing atmosphere for retirees. It also happens to be one of the safeset neighborhoods in Staten Island.

6. Oakwood

Just south of New Dorp is the larger community of Oakwood. This popular middle-class area is one of the best Staten Island neighborhoods for families and young couples. Many homes in the area offer oceanside views and quick access to Oakwood Beach. The schools in Oakwood provide strong programs for their students, whether attending one of the public or private campuses.

Staten Island ferry sign

You’ll be able to find a wide variety of homes in the area including single-family houses, condos, and garden apartments.

7. Arden Heights

Ever since it was first built in the late 1800s, Arden Heights has become an affordable neighborhood in Staten Island. The area has grown even more popular since the development of Village Greens, with its community pool and frequent local events. Residents who like soccer, will love the Owl Hollow soccer fields where local teams play almost all year round.

More than half of the Arden Heights population consists of family homes, making it one of the best Staten Island neighborhoods for families.

8. Atlantic Village

In the popular community of Eltingville, Atlantic Village covers a long, thin strip of land that borders the south shore. With everything from the Eltingville Shopping Center to Crescent Beach Park along Raritan Bay, there are plenty of things to do in this Staten Island neighborhood. Locals enjoy a relaxing environment thanks to the beautiful ocean view homes and quiet streets.

The low crime rate, gorgeous homes, and easygoing residents make Atlantic Village is one of the best and safest areas to live in Staten Island.

9. High Rock

If you’re looking for a quiet community of luxury homes, then High Rock may be the place for you. Sitting next to the beautiful High Rock Park, the area’s residents consider this one of the best Staten Island neighborhoods. The park features breathtaking views of green trees and professional landscaping as you traverse the handful of hiking trails.

With colonial-style homes and ranch lands on large lots, you’ll love the open space the area has to offer.

10. Charleston

One of the least populated neighborhoods in the borough is Charleston, a well-known retirement community. Located on the New Jersey border, this area is a small development with a limited number of renovated homes. There is easy access to multiple freeways, making it simple to travel to other areas of town or crossing the Arthur Kill into Jersey. On the west side of town is a beloved 55+ community known as The Tides, where locals enjoy a variety of amenities like a swimming pool, fitness studio, and tennis courts.

Even when bordered by other popular communities like Pleasant Plains and Tottenville, Charleston stands near the top of the best Staten Island neighborhoods.

11. Pleasant Plains

Resting to the southeast of Charleston, is the quiet residential neighborhood of Pleasant Plains. The last ten years have been good to this developing community, as new schools and beautiful parks have begun to dot this Staten Island neighborhoods map. Locals love the high quality of life this growth has brought to the area, making it the perfect place to raise a family. A handful of retail shopping and great places to eat can be found in the middle of town.

Don’t hesitate to take a look at the Pleasant Plains neighborhood if you are thinking about moving to Staten Island.

12. Great Kills

While the name may not sound like it would be the most inviting, Great Kills is actually one of the best places to live in Staten Island. In New York, the term “kill” is used to describe bodies of water including creeks, rivers, and tidal inlets. Although the area’s name may leave something to be desired, Great Kills boasts some of the top ranked schools in all of New York City. Great Kills Park is a huge benefit to locals with its four beaches and access to Great Kills Harbor. Don’t be confused by Great Kills Park and Freshkills Park as the latter is located in the center of Staten Island and is the biggest park developed in New York City in over a century.

Great Kills Staten Island

If you can get passed the strange, you’ll find Great Kills is one of the best areas to live in Staten Island.

The Best Places to Live in Staten Island

Are you planning on moving to Staten Island soon? These are only a few of the best Staten Island neighborhoods. Just about anywhere you choose to live in this great city will put you close to local activities, awesome pizza places, and great views of New York City.

If you aren’t interested in any of the neighborhoods listed above, keep in mind that the worst neighborhoods in Staten Island tend to be closer to the northern  point and it gets safer as you move to the center of the island. With that said, Staten Island is still one of the safest boroughs in New York City and also close to the wealthiest borough, being beaten only by Manhattan.

Our Staten Island movers can help you make it to whichever neighborhood you pick, get you unloaded, and move in. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or want to learn more about what Staten Island has to offer.