How to Make a Safe NYC Move When You’re Pregnant

A new baby on the way brings with it plenty of excitement, trepidation, and changes. One of those changes might be moving from a small studio to a larger 2 bedroom apartment. If you thought moving to NYC was already stressful, adding pregnancy to the mix makes it that much harder.

Luckily, there are a few things you can do that will make your life a lot easier. All you need to do is follow the tips below for a smoother and safer NYC move.

Consult Your Doctor

Before you think about picking up a box, consult your doctor to make sure it is safe for you to participate in the move. If you have any complications, it’s probably best for you to hire professionals movers NYC to do the work for you. Even if you’re perfectly healthy, you should limit how much you move to under 18 pounds if you are less than 20 weeks pregnant and under 13 pounds if you are more than 20 weeks along. Your doctor can also provide useful tips and ideas on what you can and cannot do and help personalize your moving plan.

If you’re moving to NYC from a different state, try to plan the move so it happens before your third trimester as many obstetricians do not accept patients who are more than 24 to 28 weeks pregnant. Plus, the further along you are in your pregnancy, the harder it will be on you as you’ll already be dealing with back and foot pain.

Set Aside More Time for Packing

Packing can be the most time-consuming and stressful part about moving. Whether you’re pregnant or not, the worst thing you can do is put off packing until a few days before your move. Even in a small studio apartment, it’s all too easy to accumulate a lot of stuff. While it might be tempting to just toss everything into a box without a plan, you’ll regret it when you have to unpack in your new home.

To minimize stress, plan on starting your packing process at least a month before your move. That way, you can focus on a single task and/or room a day. Your first task is to organize and declutter as much as possible. Start with a room/area of your apartment you don’t use often and do as much as you can. Try to do one room every few days. That way you only  have a few things to pack up a few days before moving day.

Pack Essential Pregnancy Items in a Clear Bin

While you should pack an essentials bag regardless of whether you’re pregnant or not, you might have a few more things you need to pack when pregnant. Instead of scrambling at the last minute, take some time to list out all of the items you use on a daily basis for your ‘essentials kit.’ Don’t leave anything out no matter how silly it might seem! Some ideas for your kit include:

  • Pre-natal vitamins
  • Favorite snack
  • Comfortable clothes
  • Toiletries
  • Phone and laptop chargers and cables

While you don’t have to use a clear bin, it makes it easier for you to find what you need instead of rummaging through a suitcase or backpack. If you’re using NYC movers, don’t load the kit in the truck. Instead, travel with it so you don’t have to worry about it getting lost or damaged.

Hire Professionals

Being pregnant doesn’t make you helpless, but you’ll probably need a lot more help than you expect. Even during the early stages of pregnancy you’ll probably have less energy and more aches and pains to deal with. Plus, the additional weight and posture changes means you’re more likely to hurt yourself. It might be tempting to try to do everything yourself, but you should try to delegate as much as possible to avoid straining yourself physically and mentally.

If you have the budget, try to hire professionals to do as much as possible for you. Get the movers to pack and unpack everything for you so you don’t have to lift a finger for your move. You can also hire a professional cleaning service to take care of both your old and new house. There are even people who can help you declutter your belongings so you can really take the mental pressure off every part of your move.

If you can’t find any help, make sure  you take your time and that you’re lifting and bending safely. Your body produces a hormone called relaxin, which loosens your ligaments to help with labor. More than ever, it’s important to follow correct lifting techniques, which means lifting with your hips and legs, not your back. Also, don’t over pack your boxes. It’s better to have a lot of small, light boxes instead of a few very heavy ones.

Take Breaks

Moving can be exhausting even when you’re not pregnant, but carrying another life can make it doubly so. If you’re not able to hire professional cleaners and packers, take a break every half hour and put your feet up to improve circulation. While you’re resting, check in to see if  you’re hungry or thirsty. Always keep your favorite snacks and some water nearby so you don’t have to rummage through the house or boxes to find what you need.

Don’t feel bad about resting. It’s just as important for a smooth move as ticking items off your checklist. In fact, it might benefit you to come up with a detailed moving plan that you provide to everyone that is helping out from the professionals to your friends and family. That way, they know exactly what is expected of them. Don’t forget to create a plan for the new house as well. Figure out exactly where you’d like your furniture placed on moving day and make sure the movers know where all the boxes should go.

Get Baby Gear After the Move

Babies might be little, but they require a lot of stuff. To reduce how much you need to pack, avoid getting baby stuff before the move as much as possible. The less items you have, the easier the move. Of course, this might mean that you’ll have to hold off on a baby shower until after you’ve moved and settled in. Before a well meaning friend or family member tries to set a date for your shower, make sure to let them know your moving plans and that you would prefer to have one after you’ve moved.

With that said, you might still get some well-meaning gifts even if you try to postpone the baby shower. If this is the case, leave everything you received in its original packing. That way, you won’t have to disassemble furniture/items when you move. Plus, keeping the items in the boxes means they won’t be in contact with germs, dirt, or viruses while they’re still in their original packaging.

Make Your Move Easier

Hopefully, these tips can make moving while pregnant much easier on you and your family. If you’re ready to hire movers NYC, make sure to reach out to us. We’ll work with you to find a solution that suits your needs and budget.


Will you disassemble and assemble a baby crib?

We will disassemble a crib, but we will not assemble it in the new home due to safety issues.

What should I do if I have other kids?

It depends on how old your other kids are. If you have younger children, it might make sense to hire a babysitter who can watch over them during moving day. If they’re older, get them involved in the process and have them help out.

I’m dealing with pregnancy brain. How do I remember everything I need to do?

Pregnancy brain is real and a pain when you have to worry about a million and one things for your upcoming move. To keep track of everything keep a detailed list of everything you need to do and use a calendar to mark key dates.